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Why Encapsulate?

The Future of Cancer Treatment: Enhancing Diagnostic Accuracy with Encapsulate’s TOC Technology

Encapsulate’s patient-derived spheroid microtumor-on-a-chip (TOC) technology provides an innovative approach to cancer diagnostics that offers several advantages over genomic sequencing and typical recommendations alone. Unlike genomic sequencing, TOC technology enables the assessment of tumor behavior in a three-dimensional (3D) microenvironment that mimics the in vivo tumor microenvironment. This platform allows for a more accurate representation of the tumor’s response to drugs and treatments, an evaluation of tumor heterogeneity, and the influence of tumor-stroma interactions on cancer progression.

Harnessing the Power of Patient-Derived Spheroid Microtumor-on-a-Chip Technology for Personalized Cancer Treatment

TOC models can be used for high-throughput drug screening and personalized medicine approaches, providing valuable information to clinicians and pharmaceutical companies for drug development and patient treatment decisions. In contrast, diagnostic approaches like genomic sequencing mainly provide information on the genetic mutations and alterations in tumor cells, which can be limited in predicting drug response and patient outcomes.

Partnering with Encapsulate and utilizing our TOC technology can provide oncologists with a more comprehensive understanding of their patient’s tumors, enabling them to make more informed treatment decisions. Our TOC technology can also assist pharmaceutical companies in developing more effective cancer treatments by providing a more accurate assessment of drug efficacy and toxicity. Overall, our TOC technology offers a promising approach to improving cancer diagnostics and treatment outcomes.

The Future of Cancer Treatment: Enhancing Diagnostic Accuracy with Encapsulate’s TOC Technology

Our innovative approach allows oncologists to test the effectiveness of potential cancer treatments before administering them to patients. By using a patient’s own cancer cells to create miniature tumor models on a biochip, oncologists can simulate the tumor’s environment and test different treatment options to determine the most effective course of action. With TOC testing, oncologists can make more informed decisions about which treatment options to pursue and avoid treatments that are unlikely to be effective. This personalized approach can also minimize potential side effects associated with treatments that may not work for a particular patient. By utilizing TOC technology, patients can receive tailored treatment regimens that consider their particular tumor characteristics. This approach provides a personalized and precise way to determine the best course of treatment for each unique patient, potentially improving cancer treatment outcomes. We are proud to offer our patients the latest in patient-derived spheroid TOC technology. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity to revolutionize your cancer treatment.

Encapsulate Comprehensive Biobank and Custom-made Drug Development Tools:

  • Efficacy tests, including Genomics and Proteomics Tests
  • Comparison against current approved alternatives
  • Synergic Tests
  • Clinical Trial Patient Pool Selection, based on the cancer type, stage, mutations and clinical response
  • Targeting and Solubility Optimization with our Custom-made Carriers

A revolutionary technology in cancer treatment

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