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Precision Diagnostics for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Encapsulate develops automated tumor-on-a-chip systems that envisage the clinical response of cancer patients.

We screen microtumors derived from patient biopsies against clinical treatment regimens and generate personalized insights on the patient's response profile in under 7 days.

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Our platform I) reduces the number of unnecessary chemotherapy cycles a patient undergoes, II) lowers the costs and duration of treatment, III) increases the success rates of treatment, IV) improves the patient’s overall quality of life.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Tested 50+ cancer drugs, we can customize assays, & resolve solubility, targeting, and stability issues. Using our comprehensive patient biobank, pharmaceutical companies can run pre-clinical trials, patient stratification, and deep mechanism studies.


Our biobank consists of hundreds of patients with known genetic mutations, clinical and lab-based response profiles. Our automation systems enable users to increase the precision and volume of their tests. Try our tools to enhance your cancer researches.

Meet Our Team

Armin Rad, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Leila Daneshmandi, PhD

Co-founder and COO

Reza Amin, PhD


Bret Schipper, MD, FACS, CPE


Rawad Elias, MD

Medical Director of Geriatric Oncology, Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute

Duran Gonzalez

Head of R&D

Charles Giardina, PhD

Professor, UConn Molecular and Cell Biology

Gerald F. Vovis, PhD

President and CEO at Vovis Enterprises

Vivek Ramakrishnan, PhD

Former Managing Partner, New Ventures at Ventech Solutions

Sasan Jalili, PhD

Assistant Professor, JAX Laboratory; MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

Farnoosh Saeedinejad

Research Assistant

John Kallassy

Managing Partner at Aimers Venture Partners

Parthib Srivathsan

Head of Data, Analytics and Strategy at Companyon Ventures

Alvaro Menendez, MD

Medical Oncology, Hartford Healthcare

Ali Tamayol, PhD

Associate Professor, UConn School of Engineering

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